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This service will keep you organized and focused and includes my insider style secrets so that you can implement it yourself and FAST.
Package includes:
A Fully Redesigned Room Package that includes everything on your wish list from concept to completion.
Project Instructions that takes the guess work out of where to start and what to do next.
A Custom Color Palette created specifically for your space and based on your personality.
Style Boards so that you will have an idea how your new space will look and feel and how the new items will blend with any existing items in your home.
Elevation Concept Boards these show the front a cabinet, shelving or wall face. I will include elevations to help explain how art should be displayed or window treatments should be hung.
A Detailed Space Plan that shows a space from above – as if you are looking down on the room from the ceiling. The floor plan is to scale so that you don't have worry if the new items you are purchasing will fit in your space, the guess work is done for you. Hows that for peace of mind?
A Master Product List. This list is filled with every item you will need for you newly designed space. You simply click and purchase.
Design Direction and Notes so that there is no question about how your are going to implement your awesome new room design.
Styling Tips to finish off your space AND…
Snafu Support. Snafus are bound to happen, I know this from experience and factor this into your package. As your chief problem solver and I have found that most problems can be solved with a quick Skype or FaceTime Session.
Purchase the INTERIOR DESIGN - ONLINE Service to get started.